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Africa drought 12 million dire need of food and water

Date Added: 11 July, 2011


Feed the families this Ramadan


Africa drought 12 million dire need of food and water

The worst drought for 60 years is threatening twelve million people with starvation and disease in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and other Africa states.

Parts of Somalia and Kenya have not seen any rainfall for the past two years. The lack of water and food has pushed food prices up by 240 per cent, worsening conditions for those struggling to survive. More than half of those need emergency food aid are thought to be children. Up to 60 per cent of livestock die, with farmers often unable to sell what weakened cattle remain alive.

Families are resorting to desperate measures to feed their children and cattle even giving livestock the thatched roofs from their homes.

  • 40     Feed a family for a month
  • 100   Clean water to 500 families
  • 250   Medical care to 20 malnourished children for a month
  • 1200 Dig community water well
  • 5000 Mobile Medical Unit


  • UKIM on the ground

    08 Aug 2011

    Food Distribution at Mogadishu


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