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East Africa Crisis

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worst drought in 60 years


The Horn of Africa is facing what has been called the worst drought in 60 years, with an estimated 12.4 million people urgently needing food. Somalia's has traditionally produced enough grain to meet its basic requirements. However, a combination of conflict and poor rains, in recent years, has drastically reduced production.

Anotonio Gutterres, the head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) doubtlessly described Somalia as the worst humanitarian disaster of modern times. According to the UN standard classification protocol the human catastrophe occurs when there is a complete lack of food access and mass starvation, death and displacement.

Emergency Relief

UKIM responded to the East Africa crisis and our team of volunteers carried out large scale distributions of drinkable water and food rations in IDP camps, in and around the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Additionally, medical assistance and medicines were also provided at these camps.

Saving malnourished Children

UKIM with the support from generous donors was able to save hundreds of children from death due to malnutrition. At Badbado camp I and II, such children were selected and given medical treatment, followed by energy and vitamin booster shots. Two thousand children were given assistance for a period of 4 months i.e. full recovery. During this period they were fed fortified supplements and diets.

Orphan Support

UKIM undertook repairs and maintenance of its boys’ orphanage building in the Suburbs of Borama District, located near the Somali-Ethiopian border in North West. The orphanage houses 120 children and is built on 2,000 square yards.

Additionally 55 orphan girls are provided day scholar education facilities in addition to vocational training at Tabantaboo District.

The project is funded by UKIM and these girls spend the nights with their relations. The project has successfully completed one year of operation.

Setting-up Schools

The drought and instability have forced many Somali children to leave their homes. Additionally, many school buildings are occupied by displaced persons or have been destroyed. UKIM realising the Somali passion for knowledge undertook building and construction of many schools, which are imparting education to the future of Somalia.

Hifz e Quran

Somali love and affection with Quran is phenomenal, which enables an average Somali Boy/Girl, to memorize the Book (Hifz) in only 2 - 2.5 years. UKIM actively support Hifz e Quran centres which presently have 5000 huffaz.


UKIM as part of its women empowerment efforts funds 2 skill development centres located in Gabiley and Mogadishu. These centres provide vocational training to women, enabling them to earn better livelihoods.

Hundreds of women have benefited from this facility and now are self-employed and productive.

UKIM also provided halal micro-finance in the form of Livestock amongst the villagers of Bosaso – Putland, a district on the northern tip of Somalia.

The beneficiaries are increasing as this is a cyclic project i.e. all receivable amounts are issued to other deserving individuals.

Water Projects

Scarcity of the water is the principle issue in the region. And if any of the two seasonal rains get delayed or don’t fall than food shortages are a commonality. To ensure availability of basic requirement of water, UKIM initiated the “Community Well Project” to dig a network of 100 wells in remote areas of Southern Somalia. The project has started benefiting the host communities as the wells keep getting dig.

Complete water systems powered on solar energy are installed at Basaso and Hargeisa districts of Somalia. The system involves pumping water from deep water well to a storage tank, placed on a reasonable height, feeding separate small streams for human consumption, livestock and agriculture.

Eritrean Refugees

Peter de Clercq, the UNHCR representative in Sudan, refer to Eritrean refugees as “the longest-standing refugee situation in Africa that is still protracted”.

Eastern Sudan hosts more than 66,000 registered Eritrean refugees, the first of whom arrived in 1968 during the early years of Eritrea’s war of independence against Ethiopia.

Political instability coupled with drought and poor economic opportunities, prompt some 1,800 people to cross into Sudan every month, according to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

Ramadan Food Distribution

To facilitate the Ramadan and fasting, UKIM with the help of partner NGO arranged for Sahoor and Iftar package distribution at the Refugee camps in Eastern Sudan.

Mobile Medical Camps

The Eritrean refugees living Yemen are in dire need of attention. The political instability and ongoing tribal conflicts of the host country take a heavy toll on already scarce resources they have at their disposal. UKIM arranged Mobile medical camps for treatment and prevention of diseases and provided medicines and other supplies to combat malnutrition among the children.

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